Thursday, April 22, 2010

let me tell you.
it's something we only dream about
a in a valley under blue skies
with a dark eyed beauty.
where the music never stops and the laughter never dies.
we drank like fish and always walked in a cloud of happiness.
every day began and ended with her next to me.
we danced on our feet and danced on our backs,
we sang out loud and sang within, and
we created artwork with brushes and fingers.
i was your canvas and you were mine.
cut off from everthing prior, i felt at ease
take me back to this place i call home please.

lets not be swallowed by the guilt of pleasure or the bliss of eachother.
i will not feel ashamed to say i am happy.
do you want to go back to the place where it started? lets do
i stumbled upon you beneath the towering buildings with no expectations and
you were more beautiful than i remembered.
sometimes we are only allowed one night to make this impression but
it only took a minute.
we stretched the night into morning where i departed from you.
as i walked along the desolate streets you ran in my head.
how did this happen? why did this happen? did that just happen?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Friday, April 2, 2010

this room has no identity

it's difficult to express your views and ideas when it's out of your control

break of out the captivity you are so accustomed to and step across to the other side